Here is a quick overview of how most projects get produced. It all starts with an idea, either from my customers or from myself.

We have a one-on-one meeting to get guidelines and discuss the project, timeline, and pricing.


The customer request


Often times, a customer will have a good idea of how they'd like their project to look once completed. Some customers are very verbal about it and some will even provide me with a basic layout of what they want.


Here's an example of a customer who brought in his drawing to help in exchanging ideas about the design.


Obviously it isn't required... but if you've got the time, I would be more than happy to provide you with the artistic direction!

The presented sketch



Here is where I present the customer with my design layout, properly sketched and scaled.  No detail is too small and we make sure that everything from the drawing itself, the texture, colors and positioning are meticulously planned, in order to get the green light to move on to the next stage...


Prepping the canvas, er...  masks.



We're not painting using CRAYOLA crayons, folks! This is the real deal.


Prior to applying the design to each mask, they need to go through a preparation process.  This includes removing the hardware, sanding, primer coating, a Voodoo sacrifice to summon the Airbrush Gods (howling at the moon also works!) AND THEN, the artwork goes on....

Once the artwork is done...



The masks gets coats of Tamco HIGH IMPACT clear coat. Wet sanded and polished to ensure the final result will truly look professional.


Once the masks return from their clear coating, the hardware goes back on...

The drop-off...



Time permitting, professional photos are taken of the finalized product prior to delivering it to the customer. Whatever the size of your project, Maverick Airbrush will always provide beautiful, high-end design in the quickest turn-around time possible!

Contact us today and get started with your project !

Get started today!!! Contact me to schedule a one-on-one apointment to discuss your project, pricing, and delivery dates...


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