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  • Located in the south end of Barrie, Ontario

  • I grew up in the heart of Montreal, QC but now live in Barrie with my wife and three young kids

  • Profesionally trained as a graphic artist / illustrator from Salette College, Andre-Grasset College, QC

  • The first mask I ever painted was my own. I've been playing nets my whole life and wanted my mask to look as sharp as my hockey idols

  • Maverick Airbrush was named after my son and the philosophy that you do not have to follow the crowd to get where you want to be.  

  • Through word of mouth, Maverick Airbrush has allowed me to still "be in the game" and meet some pretty awesome hockey families along the way. 

  • I still love talking gear, goalies, design trends with every new goalie I meet !

  • What are some of my future plans?  When I started painting masks so long ago, the goal was just mastering the intricate rendering techniques. These days, I want to grow as an artist and create my own personal style.  I'd like to have a "Maverick Airbrush" mask be recognizable by it's design style! 

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