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I could talk all day about how great my designs are, what great care and attention goes into each project, and all of the wonderful reactions I get whenever I do a "drop-off"....rather than toot my own horn, I figured I'd let my customers do the talking!  

"Wow! I'm really happy for you, my friend, that your passion is really flourishing! Keep up the fantastic work!"

- Pedro Bertone


Bob, just wanted to update you.


Jack of course loved the mask…he saved it all this time, and unveiled it to the team at his team’s first game this weekend. The team loved it, and his coaches (also big leaf fans) were blown away…they knew instantly the “inspiration” behind it…


Oh and he also got a shutout for the game! 


Thanks again.




-Creg and Jack

"Dear Mr. Bob

It is Serina here. My mom showed me the newest pictures tonight
I am so pumped about this mask I love every inch of it
I cant wait to wear it. it will be the best in the league
You have such great ideas I did not imagine it would be so spectacular
Don't worry I will get you to make my next mask when the time comes; you are so good at this!
Thanks for all the hard work and time you have put into making my mask. I cant wait for the next pictures"



Serina T -

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